Thread lift for Lips – Fundamentals Instruction Course Theory

Thread lift for Lips Fundamentals Instruction Course
Natalie Manroe

Missing LINK in the market of aesthetic procedures
Chemical & mechanical stimulation in one
Tissue and skin layers binding element
No change to natural contours
Revitalisation, Reinforcement
collagen stimulation
lifting, tightening

The materials

Special Grinding & Honing Technology for Needles

Stylet Design

• Wider inner diameter with small external diameter is effective for using thicker filament creating more collagen
• Sharp cutting angle with advanced honing technology allows easier needling and causes less pain with little internal bleeding

Sharp cutting angle with special honing technology

The TimeNet stylets are sharper and
have a larger internal diameter in
comparison with other brands

Here is example of other brand with narrow
internal diameter and blunter tip =
more discomfort and higher chance of

The Filament -Polydioxanone


Degraded by hydrolysis, and the end products are mainly excreted in urine, the remainder being eliminated by digestive or exhaled as CO2. The biomaterial completely reabsorbed in 6 month and can be seen only minimal foreign body reaction tissue in the vicinity of the implant.

Ageing Process

•1. Decrease of Epidermal Thickness
•2. Decrease of Dermal Thickness
•Collagen reduction
MMP ( matrix metaloproteinase) Activation

Dermal Collagen matrix fragmentation

Fibroblast and Collagen connection defect

Fibroblast collapse

Fibroblast function defect

Decreased mechanical tension, decreased procollagen production, increased collagen production

Ageing Process

•1. SKIN
Elastin reduction
fragmentation, thinning and decrease of elastin filaments

Replaced by fibrotic collagen

Decrease of derma elasticity face shape change

Decrease of Glycosaminoglycan Proteoglycan ECM

Decrease in number of Fibroblasts and Blood vessel

Polydiaxanone properties


•Blue (colourless in a week)

•Imparts tensile strength for six weeks

•Undergoes gradual hydrolysis over a six month period

•Excreted by the kidneys and lungs

•Stimulates collagen production

•Biomedical applications & Regenerative medicine

Threads range

Quality Standards

•CE mark for Europe
•FDA approved for USA
•Widely used for biomedical applications in preparation of surgical sutures for over 20 years. Plastic surgery, cardiovascular, etc.


The process


•Only found in animals
•Most abundant protein in the human body
•Vital for skin elasticity
•16 types –all triple helix
•Types I, II and III account for 90%

Vermilion border

The Technique

Pre Procedure

•Medical History
•Any medications currently taken
•Smoking, alcohol and drug history
•Previous facial cosmetic treatment
•Possible contra indications
•Timeline following procedure before change
•Informed consent


•Needle insertion
•Insert vertically
•When in the correct plane, slide horizontally
•Before removing needle rotate up to 10x
•When removing apply pressure along the needle track