Theory Part Questions

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What is hydrolysis?

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How long does PDO 6.0 take to dissolve?

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How does PDO eliminated from the body?

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What PDO is made of?

Define ageing process?

What factors influence the ageing process?

How to avoid bruising?

What cream can be used before and after the treatment to help prevent or heal the bruise

How long after treatment thread is blue or at which point it will change its colour?

What effect does needle have on the skin?

What effect does thread has on the skin?

How long does matrix formed by the thread lasts (or threads effect) ?

How long does PDO been used in medical field and how?

What are 3 healing responses?

How many types of triple helix of collagen?

What type of stimulation achieved by needle and where does it lead?

What will he main contraindications for the thread lip treatment?

What type and size of threads can be used for lip contour and restoration of vermilion boarder?

How different thread lift for lips to filler?

Does threads work well with filler?

Which possible allergies to consider with thread-lip treatment?

Do we insert thread into vermilion boarder?