Fractional Mesotherapy is referred to as a group of microinjection rejuvenating procedures. This means that the risk of injury to wholeness of the skin is quite high. So you need to weigh ahead all the “pros” and “cons” and collect a certain “history” from the client.

Usually, when going for the procedure to the beautician, customers ask the following questions:

 Who is suitable for the BB Glow Skin Treatment procedure?

This procedure is quite universal, and anyone can get it. It’s for those who want to improve and refresh the appearance and condition of their skin. It will especially help those who complain about the appearance of age spots, acne, stretched pores, rosacea, as well as lightening the ethnic skin.

When will the result be visible?

Very often the improvement (visible effect) is noticeable immediately after the first session. Patients note that skin becomes more elastic, returns to a healthy glow, the skin tone becomes lighter and more uniform. Wrinkles become smaller, pigment spots become lighter.

Will it hurt?

Before the procedure, the doctor can apply an anesthetic cream, so the discomfort is minimized. However, anesthesia can smear the effect of bb glow for the first time (everything will return to normal after a certain time). Sometimes the skin turns red during the procedure, but usually, its shade quickly returns to normal. In rare cases, it takes 2 days to restore the layer. If during the procedure there were unwanted moments (pain, redness, peeling), the master must adjust the speed and departure of the needles.

Will I see the improvement immediately?

Although the effect can be seen immediately, it will be fully visible after 6-8 weeks (after a course of 3-4 procedures with an interval of 2 weeks). To achieve maximum results it is important to follow the rules of skincare and not use any detergents for 3-5 days. It is better to prepare a memo on care for the customers.

Do I need to prepare for the bb glow skin treatment?

During the 14 days before the visit to the salon, your skin needs increased care. The beautician will recommend products with glycolic acid, vitamin C and retinol. Be sure to use products with UV protection, and the level of filters should not be less than 50 SPF.

How long will the result last?

The duration of the effect depends on whether you complete the required course. Usually, 3-4 sessions are enough, but in some cases, the number reaches 5. With full completion of the course, the result will last a year, but for its consolidation, it will be necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle, as well as to protect the skin from direct sunlight and excessive traumatic procedures with a cosmetologist. Laser procedures are not recommended for 5 months from the date of bb glow treatment.

What are the contraindications for BB Glow Skin Treatment?

 No matter how safe the procedure is, you cannot avoid the contraindications. Fractional mesotherapy and bb glow, in particular, were no exception. After all, it unacceptable in the following cases:

  • if during the previous 14 days you have gotten Botox injections, although many masters are sure that there is no mutual influence, and Botox is not a contraindication;
  • during pregnancy and lactation (not because the products are toxic or anything like that, simply because the hormonal background of nursing and pregnant women is unstable, which may affect the result – there might be no result at all);
  • in the presence of inflammation, acne, herpes, keloid scars; again, you need to look at the extent and area of the spread of skin lesions;
  • diabetes, epilepsy and mental disorders.

Shortly before the procedure, there should be no chemical peels done, since the layers of the skin will be too sensitive.

!!!      In the presence of acne, the possibility of therapy depends on the stage of the disease. With acne in some areas, the beautician will cope with the task, but in case of severe inflammation, you must first undergo treatment. You need to remember that you can work on the skin with acne BUT ONLY WITH NANO NEEDLES!!!

If the patient suffers from skin cancer, the possibility of mesotherapy should be evaluated by a specialist. When the disease affected the face, it will be an unambiguous contraindication, but in other cases, do not forget about the risks. Fractional mesotherapy of the facial skin is also prohibited if the client has recently undergone chemotherapy or radiotherapy, or has taken corticosteroids.

How to care for the skin after fractional mesotherapy?

 Since the procedure is not traumatic, you can do it without complex care. It is enough not to wash your face with detergents and use UV protective creams. The following is not recommended:

  • exposing yourself to physical activity;
  • smoking and drinking alcohol;
  • taking a hot bath;
  • swimming in lakes or pools;
  • applying a hot mask;
  • using decorative cosmetics;
  • touching the face with your hands.

Within 48 hours you should wash with warm water and gently remove the residue by blotting. It may feel like the skin is slightly tightened, but after a couple of hours, the discomfort will begin to recede.

Are there any side effects? What should I be cautious of ??

After the procedure, the following side effects may occur:

  • significant redness and swelling;
  • the occurrence of allergy to products;
  • tachycardia;
  • infection in case of non-compliance by the cosmetologist with the rules of hygiene;
  • stagnation of lymph;
  • formation of seals and hematomas under the skin;
  • muscle atrophy in the treated area;
  • complaints of nausea and headaches.

Complications appear in 2-3% of the cases, but the risk cannot be discounted.

As you can see from the above lines, half of the side effects are psychological symptoms associated with anxiety and uncertainty before the procedure. Here, of course, it would be appropriate to conduct an explanatory conversation with the client. Quiet relaxing music works very well in relieving the tension. It can be turned on in the office of a beautician. If a client has a history of negative effects from microneedle procedures, but the bb glow procedure is still interesting to him, and he really wants to do it, it is possible to replace the microneedle meso procedure with a needleless procedure – electroporation (mesoporation), which gives very good results when working with bb glow serum.

What procedures work well with bb glow skin treatment?

BB Glow Skin treatment is a self-contained and effective procedure. But to enhance the result, it can be performed with other cosmetic manipulations, such as:

  • facial massage (including lymphatic drainage and LPG);
  • facelift using threads (threading lifting);
  • different types of cleaning (manual, ULTRASONIC peeling, combined face cleaning, vacuum cleaning).
  • Electroporation-can be as part of bb glow (electroporator is for applying the serum), also independent procedure after the work of dermapen, while for electroporation you can take any other active substance (peptide serum, hyaluronic, serum with epidermal growth factor, etc.)
  • Photodynamic therapy-also possible as part of bb glow or with an independent active agent, the exposure can be set for 20-30 minutes, exposure to serum bb glow-no more than 20 minutes.

Frequently asked questions by beauticians and students

  1. Is it necessary to do a facial peel before the procedure of the bb face? Will it affect the result of the procedure?

It’s preferred to do the peel, but it’s not necessary. You need to take into account the client’s skin condition. Peeling removes dead cells, thereby improving the penetration of serum and its uniform distribution, however, if the client carefully monitors the skin, or recently did peeling or other similar procedures, doing it right before the bb treatment is not necessary.

  1. What is the best peeling to do before the bb procedure?

There is also no best answer since peeling can be done by a hardware (ultra-sound), enzyme or other. The main thing is that it’s atraumatic and well tolerated by the client. In this case, you can collect the client’s history (ask him about the previous procedures and how he tolerated them) when choosing a product for peeling.

  1. What needles (needle modifications) are better to use for the bb glow procedure? Will there be a different result depending on the selection of the modification of needles?

 As discussed earlier, the larger the bunch of needles, the greater the resistance of the skin, less trauma and more even is an application of the drug. This rule also applies to bb glow. Therefore, it is better to take beams of not less than 12, and the most optimal is 36 or nano. Also, when choosing needles, you need to consider the structure of the skin and its condition. If the skin is very sensitive or there are minor rashes, it is better to take nanoneedle as the blunt tips are less traumatic to the skin.

If the procedure is performed in compliance with the technique and the choice of needles is correct in relation to the type of skin and its condition, the result should not be any different, but just as good.  J

  1. Is there any difference in the results when working with nano or conventional needles (sharp)?

 With proper operation and observance of the procedure’s technique, there should be no difference in the result, you only need to remember that nanoneedles can be set up to 1 mm ( depending on the skin type), and sharp no more than 0.2 – 0.5 mm (preferably 0.25 mm).

  1. How long should the procedure last and how many passes need to be done?

Bb glow procedure lasts longer than regular microneedle mesotherapy, and it is 30 – 40 minutes long. The average number of passes is 3-4, but you should also be guided by the type of skin, the age of the client and objectively assess the result. Even if you do not see the result, you should not “overstrain” the skin with excessive passages, as this can lead to peeling of the skin in the post-treatment period. Remember that sometimes the result appears a little later, it also applies to customers with hyperemia. After 1-2 days, they will also see the result.

  1. Is it possible to do a bb glow on the eyelids?

 Yes, of course, you can do it on the eyelids and under the ciliated edge – but the needle reach should be not more than 0.2 mm.

  1. At what speed is it better to do bb glow skin treatment?

 For the bb glow procedure, it is better to choose low speeds – 1 or 2, if you work on devices with 6 speeds – you can choose up to 3 speeds, considering the type of skin, and the area of work.

  1. What to do if redness of the skin appears during the procedure?

 The redness of the skin can often be combined with edema (hyperemia). Do not panic if suddenly this happened during the bb glow procedure. First of all, there are sensitive and easily irritated types of skin, and this is a normal reaction to micro punctures. If you work with conventional needles, it is better to change the needles to nano. If you work with nano and redness continues, it is better to stop using dermapen, apply the serum on the face and keep it for 10 – 15 minutes. In this case, it is advisable to do the following procedure with nanoneedles or even change the method of injection to electroporation, or another type of needle-free mesotherapy.

  1. Do I have to do the soothing mask or another finish after the procedure bb glow?

 Of course, it’s not necessary, but it is desirable. You should be guided by the result. If the client has tolerated the procedure very well, you can only gently blot the skin afterward and that is it. If there is redness or dryness, it is advisable to use hyaluronic acid, peptides, or EGF serum.

  1. Do I need to wipe the skin with chlorhexidine after the procedure?

 Many schools now teach to finish the treatment with chlorhexidine. We do not recommend rubbing the skin, it is better to simply blot it, removing the excess serum (if any). We consider chlorhexidine impractical for preventive purposes.