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  • Fractional mesotherapy (micro-needling) is one of the newest methods of hardware cosmetology.

This procedure has shown its high efficiency in the fight against various aesthetic problems not only on the face but also in the whole body.

Thanks to the compact inexpensive equipment, short rehabilitation period and the minimum of pain, this technique are becoming increasingly popular not only among clients of beauty salons but also among the specialists-cosmetologists.

The term “fractional mesotherapy” comes from the Latin word “frāctio”, which means “crushing or breaking”, which reflects the essence of the procedure itself-injection of special ACTIVE substances (serums or cocktails) under the skin by several injections simultaneously.

But this should not get confused with injections of classical mesotherapy when the substances are injected deeper. The procedure becomes more sensitive and requires a certain period of rehabilitation.

In our case, the individual microzones are pierced, the area of which does not exceed 20% of the entire surface of the treated area. Punctures can be made at different depths, depending on the problem that needs to be solved.  It can be from 0,4 to 3 mm. The gap between the needles is ½ mm. Due to this principle of nutrients delivery, the point effect occurs on the face. A double effect is achieved: the destruction of old tissues and subcutaneous action of meso-cocktails.

It turns out that such a micro-needle method of drug administration, the fractional mesotherapy affects the skin in two directions – with the help of active substances (pharmacological effects), as well as stimulating regeneration of the skin by applying micro trauma to the tissues (physical effects).

When numerous punctures occur, old cells begin to break down. In order to recover, the skin actively includes stem cells from the areas around the injection site, which are not damaged. Stem cells are immature. If necessary, they are mobilized, become in place of destroyed cells, acquiring their characteristics. With the stem cells, the fibroblasts are infused, which get involved in the process of reconstruction of young cells. The secondary effect of fractional therapy is the action of injected substances. They are selected individually depending on the result that needs to be achieved.

During the classical course of mesotherapy, the specialist performs injections on the problem zone of the face.

The procedure of fractional mesotherapy consists of performing point microinjections on selected parts, and not the whole area. Usually, these are the problem areas that are distant from each other (pimples, pigmentation or wrinkles).

With a single injection of meso-cocktail, it’s impossible to get a double effect, as it is with a fractional mesotherapy.

The human factor of incorrect injection depth is also excluded since the whole process is controlled by electronics. Other advantages of this method are: low pain compared to the classical mesotherapy of the face and body; short rehabilitation period (1 day); low percentage of side effect, rapid manifestation of the result and its long-term resistance; no additional anesthesia is required; the ability to combine with other procedures and dosed puncture of the epidermis.

Application of skin correction using fractional mesotherapy not only on the face but also on the problem areas of the body: abdomen, thighs, buttocks, sides and décolleté. The effectiveness of this treatment can be assessed in the photo before and after the course of mesotherapy, and this is confirmed by the reviews of many customers.

Problems that are regulated or completely eliminated by the fractional mesotherapy on the face:

In modern cosmetology, there are other types of sparing methods of mesotherapy, which introduce active substances without the help of micro injections. However, they are quite effective and can bring good results. They are also called NEEDLESS methods of mesotherapy. In the traditional method, a cocktail of nutrients is injected into the skin with a syringe, but with the needless method, the electric pulses, oxygen pressures, and laser beams are used.

Types of needless mesotherapy:

  • Ultrasonic

Saturation of the skin with rejuvenating substances occurs under the action of ultrasonic waves;

  • Electroporation

Nutrients are injected into the skin by electrical impulses. This is a very popular method of needless mesotherapy. Their transportation takes place through channels that open in the skin as a result of the action of currents on it of a certain strength and frequency. The channels close on their own after cessation of exposure. In the photo there are cell membranes before, during and after the session:

  • Oxygenous

The skin is saturated with rejuvenating substances under the influence of oxygen pressure.

Electrical impulses and laser beams are an excellent alternative to the syringe since they open the epidermal channels, and through them, the active substances reach the deep layers of the skin and nourish it from the inside.

Mesotherapy without needles has almost no side effects; it is easily combined with other methods used in the beauty industry: microstimulation, laser therapy, and lymphatic drainage. Specialists prescribe such procedures to achieve more effective results.

Together with laser therapy, restoration of natural functions of the epidermis is carried out.

This “duet”, stimulating the tissue cells, will bring a stunning rejuvenating effect. Joint fight for the skin without cellulite with lymphatic drainage gives a positive result: the appearance of the epidermis improves, fat deposits decrease. Effective lifting will give a combination of microstimulation.

The result of this procedure will last up to 1.5 years. Taut and supple-looking skin after this procedure will get the most out of the necessary nutrients.