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What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is the introduction of a special pigment in the upper layers of the dermis. The introduction of a coloring matter is called penetration. The result is a persistent pattern that mimics makeup or creates a natural effect. Permanent is used for lips, eyebrows and eyes.

Tattooing and permanent create similar effects, but at the same time have significant differences:

  • pigment used: glycerin-based for permanent makeup, alcohol-based for tattoo;
  • pigment injection depth: 0.5-0.8 mm for permanent makeup, 1-1.5 mm for tattooing;
  • pigment color: natural and neutral shades for permanent makeup, color brightness for tattoo;
  • shelf life: up to 3-5 years for permanent makeup, forever for tattooing;
  • Used devices: disposable nozzles and accessories for permanent makeup, a more powerful machine and the reuse of most accessories (required sterilization) for tattooing;
  • permanent makeup is less painful.

Both permanent makeup and tattooing provide the correction of some facial imperfections or makeup. Often correct the shape and color of eyebrows, lip color, give them a contour, create arrows in the eyes.

  • The duration of permanent makeup depends on a number of factors. This is the age of the client, the depth of introduction of the pigment and its color, exposure to ultraviolet radiation. In young people and with frequent exposure to the sun, pigment is excreted faster.

Advantages and disadvantages of the procedure

  • saving time and money – permanent makeup lasts for years;
  • perfect make-up – the contour is always smooth, nothing is erased;
  • correction of various imperfections – a lowered eyelid, insufficient density of eyebrows, lack of hairs, small scars;
  • the procedure leaves no scars;
  • minimal pain in the procedure;
  • pigment can be removed if desired.

The disadvantages of permanent makeup include its value. In fact, this is a moot point – not only time is saved, but also money for the purchase of cosmetics.

The disadvantage of permanent makeup is also the need for correction. A minus is its value. Correction usually costs 50% of the cost of permanent makeup.

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