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Aftercare and the frequency of correction

After permanent makeup, it is important to follow certain rules:

  • do not touch the crust that forms on the treated areas – its removal or combing may lead to the disappearance of the pigment, uneven distribution;
  • for 2 weeks exclude the sauna, bathhouse, pool;
  • within 1-1.5 weeks, do not use decorative cosmetics on the treated area, exclude its contact with shampoos, soap, gels and other means, except for those who care;
  • exclude tanning, tanning beds, prolonged sun exposure;
  • To maintain the brightness of the pigment in the future, use an agent with an SPF filter;
  • the first time to abandon antibiotics for external use, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol-based compounds – there is a risk of discoloration of the pigment, the occurrence or worsening of edema;
  • to exclude chemical components of strong action (various acids);
  • with permanent lip makeup for another 2-3 days, continue to take an antiviral drug (Acyclovir);

The frequency of permanent makeup correction is individual. It all depends on the reaction of the body to the pigment, the color used, the depth of administration, compliance with the rules after the procedure.

The first correction may be required a few weeks after the procedure – you need to wait at least a month, but not more than 12 weeks. At this stage, you can correct defects, correct areas where the brightness of the pigment is insufficient or it did not remain at all.

The next correction will be needed no earlier than a year later. Usually it takes 1-1.5 years. If you do not carry out the correction within 2 years, you may need to carry out the entire procedure anew, which means high costs.

Refresh should be considered separately. This procedure involves color correction, as over time it inevitably loses its saturation.

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