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Permanent Makeup Techniques

The procedure involves various techniques, with several options for each area of the face.


Permanent lip make-up includes the following techniques:

  • Contouring. This option is preferred by middle-aged women, when the natural contour of the lips is blurred. With the right choice of color, a soft contour is obtained, as if the lips were circled in pencil.
  • Feathering contour. In this case, the lips acquire a clear outline, and their color becomes brighter and juicier. There is the effect of slightly faded lipstick. This gives the lips a volume, since the contour is performed beyond the natural boundaries.
  • Naturelure. Such a permanent is difficult to notice, since the most natural shades are used. This technique gives the lips brightness and expression.
  • Lip light (light kayal. This option is suitable for owners of an ideal lip shape, as a light contour is performed over natural borders. This technique is used to add volume to the lips.
  • Watercolor technique. In this case, the circuit is not executed. Soft shades are used, and the pigment is shaded over the entire surface of the lips. The result is natural, resembling the applied gloss or pink balm.
  • 3D technology. This is the most difficult permanent makeup technique. It allows you to hide the sloppy contour, the asymmetry of the lips, make them larger or smaller, give the desired color. When shading is performed, several shades of pigment (usually 5) are used simultaneously. The procedure is performed in 2 stages. The contour is executed in the first session, the main color is in the second.
  • Permanent lipstick. In this case, the lips are completely filled with pigment, which resembles the applied lipstick. This technique allows you to add volume, to perform the effect of the applied gloss. In this case, it is especially important to choose the right color.


Permanent makeup of this area includes the following techniques:

  • Hairy. In this case, hairs of different lengths and shades are drawn. This allows you to adjust the natural shape of the eyebrows, add density to them, fill in the gaps. The correct direction of the drawn hairs is important so that their appearance is natural.
  • Feathering. In this case, the stencil is the natural shape of the eyebrows. The technique is a natural color fill.
  • Powdery technique. This option involves the spot application of pigment. This gives volume, eyebrows look as natural as possible. There are no clear lines and contour, the effect of tinting with shadows is created.
  • Nano-spraying. This technique gives density, allows you to fill in the voids. There are no clear lines, so the eyebrows look as natural as possible.
  • Ombre. In this case, several shades are used – the natural color of the bridge of the nose, the intensity increases to the tips. The right technique involves soft shading.


Permanent makeup of the eyelids includes the following techniques:

  • Solid eyeliner (arrows). This technique can perform in various ways. This applies to the thickness of the line, its bend, length, color.
  • Shading arrows. In this case, the effect of makeup Smoky Ice is created. A clear contour is made along the eyelash line, and shading is above it. Shading is done pointwise, so the color intensity can be any.
  • Inter-ciliary contour. This technique provides maximum naturalness and involves the spotting of pigment in the intermuscular space. This gives the density of eyelashes and expressiveness to the look.
  • The choice of permanent makeup technique must be approached as responsibly as possible. The effect will last more than one year, so it is better to avoid extreme colors and lines.

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