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Is it possible to remove permanent makeup?

In some cases, you want to remove permanent makeup. The reason may be a poorly provided service, dissatisfaction with the effect obtained, a desire for change, an undesirable color change.

Permanent makeup can be removed, but it will take some time. One option for removing pigment is a laser. Partially, the pigment is eliminated during the procedure, partly on the days following it. For complete removal of the pigment requires several sessions – their number depends on the amount of pigment used for permanent makeup, the depth of its introduction, color, individual characteristics of the body. Pigment from the eyes can be removed in 1-2 procedures, with the eyebrow in 3-4 sessions, from the lips in 5 procedures.

Another way to remove a permanent is through a remover. It is an acid that is introduced into stained areas. As a result of such injections, the pigment is destroyed. The disadvantage of the procedure is that the surrounding tissues also suffer, therefore there is a likelihood of the formation of scars, scars.

The problem can be solved with new permanent make-up, if you use skin-colored pigment. This option is quite risky, since a dark pigment can still appear. After tanning, the difference in the natural color of the skin and pigmented will be visible.

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