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The Dots Technique is the ideal course for artists just beginning to transition to machine work. It offers artists an easy-to-learn skill to achieve soft and airy pixellation which doesn’t require as much precision as some of the more progressive methods. It is a perfect stepping stone to more advanced techniques.

The Dots Technique is also an essential skill to apply for difficult skin types, such as oily skin, which consistently presents problems to permanent makeup artists. At all times, artists must intuitively know what technique to apply based on their accurate assessment of skin type and irregularities. Moreover, they need to able to adjust their method at the moment, when they realize, for example, the pigment is not implanting well, or that skin is becoming traumatized.

The Dots Technique, in your repertoire of skills, will help you become the intuitive artist who can make the right adjustments during treatment to ensure clients get what they trusted you for….beautiful, flawless brows. For trainers, knowing the Dots Technique will help you incorporate a scaffolded approach to machine training in which students begin their understanding with a simpler skill before incrementally progressing on to more complex methods. Including this step in your programming will add integrity and quality to your training program while ensuring students receive the comprehensive skills training required to keep standards high in our industry.

The Dots Technique is every artist’s go-to, for achieving beautiful permanent make up art.


Student Receive Certificate of completion After Class


  • Machine and SofTap Methods
  • Detailed video tutorial on how to work
  • Full procedure videos with description and examples over 4 Hours.
  • Machines and needles description for this technique
  • Aftercare for clients
  • Practical lessons on fake skin
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